more dumb email

Email marketing is so easy to do, but so easy to screw up. Email gurus like Sherpa harp on the fine details, but gross errors are still being made. Check this one out:

Subject line 5 Critical Success facors to consider when considering different ERP systems. The key term “ERP” i couldn’t actually read in the header of my email preview pane.

Body: If you would like to join a free online product demonstration or would like to receive more information please call 1-800-XXX.

Sincerely, XXX, Company XXX
That is just poor copy writing, plain and simple!

I’ve always harped on people of this skill level who send Word attachments because no one wants to open a Word document that may have a virus. The sender was smart to make a PDF file. Unfortunately her 2 page PDF file was 450K, so she made a zip file. I’m guessing that I’m the only person who got this that took the time to open it! Once I opened it, I saved in “optimize” mode and got it down to 360K. If she knew what she was doing when she made the Acrobat file, it could have been a lot smaller.