RT: Marketing manager position

(RT is Twitter-speak for re-transmit)

A headhunter forwarded me a interesting marketing position that I thought I’d pass on to my readers. I’d take a shot at it, but it is more on the analytics/segmenting end of things. The title is ‘strategic marketing manager’. (I’m happier with tactical things like websites and brochures and promotion. )

“This critical leader will be responsible for developing and delivering strategic services and marketing analytics to identify key market trends and translate them into new or expanded value added business offerings. … developing detailed customer segmentation and leveraging market analytics/trends … understand current market trends and competitor actions to … capitalize on market opportunities. The Strategic Marketing Manager will develop detailed business plans for new products and services and may drive them through implementation.”

This is for a technology-driven metal products company (sounds like an oxymoron) in Georgia.

Email me if you want to know more.