Two neat tools for the ‘one man show’ marketer

It’s no surprise that bloggers ignore email pitches that sound more like press releases, and get down-right annoyed when it’s not even relative to their blog. I’m no exception.

But I do give extra consideration for those who give me a pitch that is relevant, and proves that they at least read something on my blog besides the title. At the very least I’ll write a personal reply. Today I’d like to share two neat tools that came into my inbox the right way.

Marketing automation for the ‘one man show’kutenda logo

That’s the way Emily Thompson of Kutenda described her comprehensive online marketing service. Nothing fancy, but covers all the basics to make a website that is ‘marketing ready’. And I’d argue for smaller/start-up companies, bells and whistles like A/B testing, CRM integration, and such are not going to happen, so why be distracted by them.

via U!Madison Ave quality photography on the cheap

When it comes to photography for your marketing, you have two choices: DIY or hire a professional. DIY looks like crap and wastes your time, and a half-day with a pro can cost a grand.

ViaU is an online tool for product photography. Hmm, that doesn’t make sense does it? Actually, on ViaU you select the view and background, ship your products in, and he posts your completed pictures. The stuff I sell is too big, but if you have products that fit on a table, that would be about right. The shot selector tool is very extensive (and kinda fun), so you can be sure about what the result will be.

Maybe one of these could be of use to you, if not now, when you have a future project. And at least a lesson on how and what captures my eye to blog about.

2 Replies to “Two neat tools for the ‘one man show’ marketer”

  1. I checked out the kutenda site. It was quite interesting. I also learned that kutenda is swahili for take action.

  2. Nice $100/mth mention Dave.
    1. Time-to-execution; would be the biggest benefit @~5hrs/wk x $50/hr saved… Payback in 2hrs 🙂 …and appears comparable to .
    2. Wrt pricing, Hubspot starts 1.5x more @ $250/mth ($3k/yr vs. $1.2k/yr) however.
    3. Scope-wise, Hubspot emphasis could be more B2C vs. B2B despite (?)SalesForce) integration, see their Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) below;
    (A) = OUTput;
    blog, keyword grader, social media, page grader, CMS, link grader:
    (B) = Processing;
    landing pages, leads, prospects, CRM integration,
    (C) = INputs;
    Traffic Sources, Reach, Competitors, Analytics


    Post Script;
    An alternative to both turn-key vendors, DIY a.k.a. 5x the “time-to-mkt” as assumed above @ 24hrs/wk, with these “fremium”/low-cost providers below;
    OUTput = , ,[n/a article submissions or trade boards]
    Processing = , ,
    INput =, ,

    I'm going to sign-up and try, just to see the time/hours it can save per mth!


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