The Ugliest Brochure Contest?

Ugly brochures should be double-bagged for safety

Who doesn’t love to see an ugly brochure … as long as it isn’t ours?

B&Z Marketing is running a promotion to find the ugliest B2B brochure. The prize? A complete re-do. With a prize value of $5,000, you might call it the ‘What Not to Wear’ of marketing.

What is ugly? From their rules:

“For the purposes of this contest, an ugly brochure is one that is unbalanced, unfocused, cluttered, distracting or otherwise visually off-putting, subsequently making it an ineffective delivery vehicle for the marketing messages contained within it.

There is no scientific measure for ugly,┬ámaking it impossible for B&Z to offer criteria for determining what ugly is and what it is not. However, if looking at your brochure makes you or others physically ill, we highly recommend you submit it.”

Physically ill? Can I submit a few I’ve seen? Unfortunately, the submissions are supposed to be from the owners (and printed copies only).

I don’t know how successful their campaign is going to be, but I imagine landing even one client due to this promotion may pay off for B&Z. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the before-and-after results.

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