You can call me marketing

I’ve just started working with a new sales manager for our company. Great guy, but it’s tough starting out. Somehow we need to get a rhythm and teamwork going toward the same goals.

My mind keeps slipping back to this video, one of my all-time favorites from when videos were new and cool.

Yes, it is marketing doing all the hard work, while sales gets to be the showy front-man. It all looks and feels a bit awkward.

However, sales does lip marketing’s words (which you might say is a moral victory, at least). And sales is all-too-happy to show off special tricks of marketing during the solos (ala “Hey! look at this great website our company has!”)

But in rewatching the video, I noticed that sales and marketing (aka Chevy Chase & Paul Simon) end up playing together. Yes, sometimes sales’ horn gets in marketing’s face–that’s to be expected. But they are playing together!

Looking forward to jamming it out, as we get going with our own song!

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