Marketing hard, video harder: a testimonial

Part of the point I’ve been telling myself about why I do this blog is this: Anyone can blog about how to be a marketer. But the reason I blog is (indirectly) about how hard it is. Decisions, effort, patience. Tactical, not strategic.

So I lapped up this blog post at Psychotactics by Sean D’Souza because it was so honest about giving up … and what he did about it. About one of the hardest things in marketing today: videos.

“I didn’t give up video. I just got busy.

You know how it is, right? You want to do something and then you make this grand list. Then you do a bit of it. And you do some more. And some more. And you get results. And then you do a spectacularly stupid thing.

You give up.”

read more at: The Importance of Video in your Marketing

(I will admit that I’ve followed Sean’s emails and blog for years, without ever subscribing to his services. But I will say that his writing style has rubbed off on me for the better, and heartily recommend following his blog or putting down cash for his services. Bonus is his cartoons like I borrowed above.)