China ripping off our products?

Last time I shared how a Chinese company was copying design and content from our website. And I left a little cliff-hanger that they were using our product pictures. Here, take a look:

Copying our jpgs and more

Okay, it’s distrubing to see my product pictures being used by another company as theirs. And insulting to see these images watermarked. The watermarks I can only guess are a cultural thing, in a place where copying can be rampant (ala these days).

But what is that with the last image highlighted in orange? Their picture is close, but not ours. Based on other products on their website, I think they replace stolen images with their own as they fill out their product line by actually building what they advertise on their website. The web page that picture is on is otherwise a nearly-verbatim copy of our product page for this same model.

They are copying our website and images, then systematically copying our product lines, and creating a business in China on the backs of our success.

This is even more obvious when I look at the stuff on their website they’ve copied from our parent company. Nearly all theirs have been assimilated.

Interesting that our parent company shrugs their shoulders at this, I guess they are used to the copy culture in China. The implications to me are stomach-churning. While our customer base knows our brand and quality, it is disturbing to thing that someone else is making a copy not only of our product info, but of the products themselves.

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  1. The reason your parent company may be indifferent to the issue is that protecting patents in China is very difficult.  I feel for you!

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