New for yearly planning: A Christmas list … and I want a pony!

I did something new this year as part of my planning for 2013: I created a “Christmas List”. Really! No, I wrote an email to send up for the things I’m wishing for this year. When you write such a list to send to Santa, you are asking for things that you can’t get yourself. Presents that would make your life happier and better, and sometimes for your whole family.

I don’t need an XBox or a train set. But I do need things to happen in engineering to fix  certain products. I need support for one of my new projects. I need answers about other lingering opportunities. Simple stuff like a large-screen TV in the conference room. And the chance to offload some responsibilities as we grow.

Some of the items on this list weren’t even for me, but for the people I support, namely customers and salespeople. Improvements to products, fixing gaps in our processes.

Then I was bold enough to ask for a pony. A metaphorical pony! A new project that would invest in research for a new product line. Like a pony, there would be a lot of work for little output. And it would be a long term commitment. It would push aside other projects I am working on, and others I was already considering.

This pony project is for the future of our company, to take it someplace ahead of where it would normally go. It is a project I’ve day-dreamed about, and now have found an chance where it makes sense. I’m not just a ten-year-old with a wish. I’m a marketing manager with a vision of the future.

Oh, I hope I get the pony Santa! Please, please, please!

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