What is the online trade show metaphor?

I know its 2013, but I’m giving a go at an online trade show. The targeting looks good enough, but in the past I’ve stayed away. This is what my “booth” is going to look like. Doesn’t exactly give me confidence that this type of thing is anything more than a¬†gimmick.

Who are these people in my booth?
Who are these people in my booth?

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  1. Hi Dave, glad to hear you’re giving it a shot, and only see the gimmicky aspect of it. I think there is a lot of potential value in the online shows as a means to connect with booth personnel. However, I think the virtual trade show vendors are pushing what’s relatively easy to do with technology, and not what is necessarily best. I exhibited at a few online shows, and with a very small company, was rated #1 by participants, as well as #1 in metrics like booth time, number of visits, etc. The key was making something interactive about my products in the booth. Not a game, but something people wanted to interact with (examine, explore, etc.). I’d be happy to share more insights if you want to reach out to me — http://www.eqsim.com.


  2. Thanks for commenting. I see you are involved with virtual products to begin with, so maybe this type of ‘event’ is easier for you.

    You are right that there isn’t any effort to better by the show people. Even having a webcam for the booth personnel would be nice.

    As for exhibitors like you and me, committing to the event is hard, and having compelling virtual content is even harder. I’ll be giving away some swag, how lazy is that? I just hope the salesguys I recruit to ‘work the show’ see that they should be part of the compelling content, at least.

  3. I would agree that the opportunity to give the wrong impression is high with the method they are using. Also,


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