Trade publication directories antiquated

Took care of responding to two “free directory listing” requests from two publications. Neither show any real attempt at streamlining the process. One from Laurin Publishing has a whole thick booklet to go through and manually check-off each category you want your company listed under. At least my sign-up form was pre-filled out making my job easier.

The other request came via email and I responded to it in the same way. The email came from the publication’s adminstrative assistant as a Word attachment. They can’t even rip a PDF for a broadcast email, even though I get regular professional snail-mailings from them. I had to then manually type in my responses in a normal email, as the Word file wasn’t set-up to fill-in the blanks. I could have ripped a quick Frontpage form to do what they want in 15 minutes. It would save all the answers in a table ready for import into their database. Geez!