Google figures out how to get even more money from me

My AdWords program has produced quality leads for my company for years … visitors who convert at more than twice  the rate of normal visitors.

My biggest challenges would be to increase the number of click-thrus, and especially the number of conversions.

I know it’s been around for a little while, but Google is now expanding ‘remarketing’ programs for AdWords, and make them easier to manage.

Remarketing with Google Analytics helps you create remarketing lists based on certain audiences who visit your website and show interest in your products, without having to tag your site twice. This can help you more easily create remarketing campaigns to show ads across the Google Display Network GDN.

via A simpler way to re-connect with your website visitors – Analytics Blog.

I can gently nag those non-converting visitors for days and weeks after they’ve visited our site. I haven’t tried this yet, but with streamlining like is promised by Google, it won’t be long.

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  2. I had started  AdWords campaign when I launched my business and that had helped me a lot in dragging visits but never seen any satisfactory conversion. I hope this new feature can help me to connect with the visitors better.  

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