Shop-bots for B2B?

For my “etailing” class at GVSU, I had to investigate shop-bots, including B2B application. Here is the B2B version. You can also see the whole assignment.

At the office this morning we had a discussion about bots for our industry. Some b2b bots are just simple vendor directories and others are more extensive comparison tools. The discussion centered on whether we should be listed at these sites and why.

We came to the conclusion that sites with comparison tools (, attempt to make our product a commodity (not desirable). And as a larger player in our industry, our presence would legitimize such a service (also not desirable). The new directory service ( tries to promote each vendor, which is more reasonable to us, but the prices they are charging are very high to little additional value. Their rate, $400 a month translating to $2 a click-thru, is basically assuring high visibility due to their ranking on the search engines.