Darn Phones

Like may of you out there, I wear more than one hat. I am in charge of the phone system here (but not long distance service selection, thankfully) because it crosses customer communication and technology…not things that others want to touch here. I’d rather be done with it all, but no. In recent days I’ve been distracted by many minor problems with the phones like:

  • Power outage
  • Changing carriers
  • Dropped calls
  • New T1 lines

There are so many vendors and equipment that it is challenging to trackdown or support any one issue. Why are calls dropping? Have phone system checked by Expenets. No, its due to the T1 service. The T1 service company (AT&T) is taking forever to get back to me about why we can’t fax overseas, so why call them again? Finally find out we can’t dial overseas because the single-lines have been switched to our new carrier.