Imagine posting this on your home page

We are currently targeting the solar panel industry, so I’ve subscribed to a number of newsletters about the industry. One today had a press-release about attempts to sell knock offs. Check out what the manufacturer (from Italy) had on their home page:

Not something you see in every-day B2B communications, is it?

My suspicion is that solar panels are pretty generic looking, and it would be easy to stick a brand-name label on a (dare I say) Chinese-made panel.

This was a bold and necessary step by the manufacturer, but I suspect this is not the end of their troubles. How would you handle this? How would you keep it from happening?

Our parent company overseas deals with a number of copy-cat competitors with similar styling, but it is clear the brand is different. One thing they did ‘just in case’ was select a very unique color for our products.