B2B prospects *need* pricing

Did you know that product info is the second thing prospects are looking for?

Dale Underwood of EchoQuote takes a MarketingSherpa/Enquiro report on needs of B2B shoppers and builds up an impressive article about why prospects need pricing. You can read Product Content is #2 for B2B Buyers yourself.

Key takeaway:
Website visitors need pricing MORE THAN they need product information.

In a way it makes sense. B2B prospects basically know what your product is by the time the get to your website. They need to know if they can afford it. Are they on the right trail before they invest more of their valuable time?

Reminds me of a classic Dilbert cartoon I used on this blog when I wrote about pricing in 2007:

5 Replies to “B2B prospects *need* pricing”

  1. I can totally understand that, a B2B consumer typically knows all about the product and if they want it by the time they get to your site, so they are price driven.

  2. Hi Dave,
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  3. I’ve also noticed that visitors tend to quickly gravitate to the pricing page. And it seems particularly popular for SaaS offerings, perhaps because many of those visitors are price sensitive and expect to readily see pricing.

    However, I suspect that it’s popular for a couple of reasons. First, it’s a quick qualification that visitors make as to if the product / service warrants more investigation. And second, it’s often a quick way to compare features.

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