What are engineers up to on Twitter?

Are engineers using Twitter? Here is a post from Duane Benson at Screaming Circuits (who says he is studying Twitter) about what those who are, are doing:

It can lead to interesting activity though. Recently, one tweeter, Jeri (twitter.com/jeriellsworth) suggested a design contest centered around the old stalwart 555 timer. Chris (twitter.com/Chris_Gammell) picked up the ball with her and In about three days, just over Twitter, they organized it, other tweeters chimed in, sponsors offered prize money and they’ve set up a website for it. Fascinating.

So, this is what’ is going on on Twitter? Where is the ‘social media’ opportunity? How about being a sponsor of the contest?

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  1. It is interesting to see how different people use Twitter. Thanks of giving us a look at how engineers take advantage of this great tool!

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