TR activity

I got two “hits” from Thomas Register yesterday.

First, I got a call from a salesman from the Thomas International Directory. He was introduced as from Thomas Publishing in New York, so I thought it might be something new shaking down. I was able to dismiss him with our lack of focus on international market.

Second, I got a mailing from TR promoting its usability for B2B searches. It joked about what a search for “tubing” would result on a standard search engine. An effective message, but they missed a key fact: who is dumb enough to use a single keyword when doing a search, especially for a term with multiple meanings?

BTW: In one of my MBA classes this week, our speaker recommended using Kompass as a way to find dealers,distributers, and other contacts in foriegn countries for our business projects. I want to sell products if I am listed with Kompass (and not get a lot of dealer inquiries), but I thought it was interesting that it was even brought up.