BtoB advertisements

Once again, BtoB Magazine sent out a reader survey to review advertisements in their latest issue. And just like my post last year, it is appalling when you slow down and put a critical eye on these ads. They surved up thirteen for me to review–I’ve dubbed two excellent and three poor.

Click on the small image below to see the whole ad.

Excellent ads Poor ads
TechTarget: They have one message and they communicate it clearly.
Cheetahmail: The ad is ugly and takes three paragraphs to get to thepoint.
Global Intelligence: It says what they do and give specifics about costs. Confident without swagger. All in B&W.
Davis Harrison Dion: If these guys do branding, their ad certainly doesn’t prove it.
CTIA: What a jumbled ad. And poorly written.

The “Copy Chasers” really need to get after their own advertisers!