A gift from Google

I was just sitting at my desk opening my mail. There was a small envelope from Google.

Obviously a Christmas card. What would Google send? A reward for sending thousands of dollars their way and helping inflate the value of their stock?

Nope. Just a rather plain card with ‘Happy Holidays’ in a couple dozen languages. Yawn.

Then I turn to my PC and see an email waiting from Google.

“Adwords Service Level Enhancement”.

Seems I’ve qualified for human-voice support via a toll-free number.

It was interesting how the email was a reward that arrived just as the Christmas thank-you did. I may never use the toll-free assistance, but the offer is appreciated.

Thank you Google.

2 Replies to “A gift from Google”

  1. Hi Dave,I’m betting Google has a bunch of elves on this kind of thing this year. We also got a very nice gift from them.It’s the little things that count…Regards,jdwww.salespider.com

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