Be smart about your Binghoo PPC settings

I humbled myself and showed you how Yahoo ripped me off with a Search Network of shill websites (See OMG, Yahoo Search PPC is a rip-off.

Now my paused Yahoo Marketing Solutions account has been moved/merged with my (active) Microsoft AdCenter account. Everyone is calling it Binghoo. Guess who’s billings jumped immediately?

(In case you are wondering, 3,600 impressions in the last week, 112 clicks and zero conversions. Apparently the crooks haven’t figured out how to fake conversions with AdCenter ads yet.)

Rather than shut off my AdCenter, I found a pretty easy setting to change on my account. Look for this box under General Settings and select “Only Bing and Yahoo! websites”.

Set your AdCenter settings like this.

Avoid those ‘syndicated search partners’ like the plague!

I’ll be watching closely the rest of the month to make sure this is effective, but it sounds like it should be.

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