Friday Friday B2B marketing

This is crazy.

I’ve heard the the song Twilight Zone by “Golden Earring” a million times. I loved it when it came out. Sing along with it. “When the bullet hits the bone. PSHEW.”

But I have no idea what is about. What does the song mean?

Yesterday, when I heard it in the car, I thought, ‘wow, bullet hits the bone sounds pretty serious.’

The song is more than a musical ear candy, it has depth, a voice, and authority. Never questioned, never tested. But it’s there if needed.

Contrast that:

No doubt you’ve heard the recent internet chatter about the Friday song by Rebecca Black. The song, despite 122MM views on YouTube, is enjoyed for its renowned horribleness. It won’t sell a million copies, or be replayed in 20 years.

What makes it horrible? The lyrics. The vapidness. Even the mention of ‘fun fun’ sounds hollow.

But it is so close to being a good song and video. One might cite the Uncanny Valley Effect. They tried too hard to make it a real song, without just letting it be. So it seems phony.

Okay, I’m making a example…

Marketing, needs depth. B2B marketing even more-so. Know your customers, but know yourself even better. And resolve to be yourself! (As a brand, I mean.)

The net result is that, like the Twilight Zone song, your customers may not consciously notice the depth of your brand and company. But they’ll sing along and buy your products.

Try too hard to be something you aren’t and it will fail miserably. It may not be as obvious as Rebecca Black’s failure, but your prospects will know. Your salespeople will know. And you will know in the pit of your stomach.

(BTW, for great study in musical/brand depth, I highly recommend Bullet in a Bible concert video by Green Day. Another case of me learning why I’ve always enjoyed this music and band. And finding out how loud my TV can go!)

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