Calling BS on Change Management

Not often that we bloggers pull out the swear words that really mean something. This just in from Bullshit from the World of Change Management:

“Bullshit! What I can tell you from studying this for over two decades is that, mostly (with some major exceptions), resistance to change comes down to one thing: Ignoring the Golden Rule. Specifically, failure to work backwards from the workforce’s perspective…AKA: Failure to be user-centered.”

Hopefully we marketers know this intrinsically … if our users (aka salespeople and customers) don’t like the change, it don’t sell.

But this is a good wake-up call, if you are finding yourself “managing change”, you are probably doing it wrong.

And more than a few people are saying bullshit behind your back.

(Always good stuff from the team at Hacking Work … click thru the link and read more!)