Email newsletter advertising math

Newsletter sponsorship for an admittedly ‘targeted’ list:

  • 12,000 subscribers /$1,900 = 0.15 per impression
  • 1/3 open rate = 0.45 per impression
  • 1/3 open rate * 3 issues (for possible exposure to entire email list once) = $5,700
  • Clicks per issue (ads & content) = 900 / 15 links = avg. 60 clicks per link

Okay, the math is done. Now the manager has to take over:

  • Are those sixty clicks worth $1,900?
  • Will clicks drop or rise if I run multiple times?
  • Is exposure to 4,000 readers worth it?
  • Will the other 8,000 subscribers ever open if I run multiple times?
  • How many insertions will I have to run for branding effectiveness beyond clicks?
  • What are my other choices? Can I reach a similar audience any other way?
  • What is the quality of this email list?

That last question is ultimately the most important. Kinda makes me wish I had a BPA audit of the list and traffic numbers (like you get from print trade publishers). Really, I guess I should make sure the publisher’s salesperson wish he had a BPA audit.